Norskale v3.50.20 release notes

New Features & Improvements

NOR-751: added ngen update installer action to force precompilation during minor updates.

NOR-754, -759 & -760: rearchitected LDAP queries to improve speed of AD interaction in large enterprise environments. This will significantly speed up report generation, agent SID translation and adding AD user/group in environments with more than 10,000 users.

NOR-770: Clear Filter button in reporting will now fall back on default date range instead of null values.

NOR-771: administration console now remembers and defaults to last managed site at console startup.

NOR-775: refactored logging engine to convert filter mismatch messages from exceptions to warnings.

NOR-776: added support for Internet Explorer 11.0 in Transformer browser rendering.

NOR-777: dynamic tokens are now case-insensitive.

NOR-780: added Copy Directory Content action type in File/Folder Operations.

NOR-781: added Delete Directory Content action type in File/Folder Operations.

NOR-783: added execution order parameter for Environment Variable actions.

NOR-784: added execution order parameter for File/Folder Operation actions.

NOR-785: added Application action shortcut option to create shortcut in Favorites folder.

NOR-787: added new feature to allow agent to be launched for certain groups only.

NOR-788: added new filter condition checking date.

NOR-788: added Windows 2016 to device types in device reports.

NOR-791: added new .exe utility to delete and re-create vuemLocalUser account (with custom password if specified).

NOR-792: AgentCacheUtility now supports short arguments (e.g. -r instead of -refreshcache).

NOR-793: improved agent speed by increasing max degree of concurrency and decreasing the in-between-tasks timer.

NOR-795: remote administrative paths are now detected and automatically replaced by the equivalent local path if entered as the path to an application executable in Application actions.

NOR-797: administration console notifications are now limited to four concurrent on-screen instances, and no longer grab focus.


Bug Fixes

NOR-748: fixed UInt32 exception at login that could occur in some cases when Cursor Blink Rate was set to -1.

NOR-750: fixed issue where agents running on computers using Juniper ISP Client would be registered several times in agent statistics.

NOR-772: fixed issue where the agent could raise an exception in rare case where a network connection change would occur at the exact moment of agent initiatialisation

NOR-797: fixed issue where clicking the local application tile in Transformer kiosk mode could very occasionally cause unhandled exceptions.


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