Norskale v3.50.0100 release notes

Headline Features

Intelligent CPU optimisation: if enabled, the agent will keep a list of processes that trigger Spike Protection. Based on the number of times CPU Spike Protection has been triggered for a specific process, that process will be assigned lower priority at launch (the greater the number of offences, the lower the priority). This feature greatly simplifies CPU optimisation by allowing the agent to automatically optimise the environment over time. This list is stored in the local machine registry but can be externalised to an XML file via installer options.

Intelligent I/O optimisation: if enabled, the agent will also lower the I/O priority of processes on the Spike Protection history list.

Spike Protection will now lower the I/O priority of processes that trigger it. Additionally, a separate option allows Spike Protection to modify the CPU affinity of offending processes.

Added the ability to assign static CPU affinity, CPU priority and I/O priority to specified process at launch. Processes with static affinity/priority that trigger Spike Protection will return to the statically defined affinity/priority levels after the Spike Protection event ends.

Added Windows 10 support.

New Features & Improvements

NOR-587: added ability to mount network drives on #.

NOR-590: modified default screenshot save location for screen capture utilisty (now %userprofile%).

NOR-591: dynamic tokens and enviroment variables in Kiosk custom title will now be expanded.

NOR-599: added two new environmental settings to control Switcher and Charm Bar behaviour in Windows 8+.

NOR-602: added Site Name column in Agent Statistics to allow filtering by site.

NOR-605: added support for VMWare View PCOIP client variables in filters and dynamic tokens.

NOR-607: added registry value and agent installer arguments controlling the location of the agent local cache file.

NOR-608: added directory creation and symbolic link support in File & Folder Operations action type.

NOR-614: added new minimum boot/login time filter options to Reporting.

NOR-615: reinstated precompilation phase of setup. Precompilation is now queued for follow-up after installation rather than occurring during installation. As a result, CPU usage will be high for several minutes after the agent setup installer has finished.

NOR-620: added new filter condition for checking Name match in XML file (Name node only).

NOR-621: added GetXmlValue dynamic token.

NOR-622: added GetIniValue dynamic token.

NOR-683: added Japanese language support to the agent and Unicode language support to the broker and database.

NOR-690: added two new environmental settings to control visibility of taskbar and Explorer context menus.

NOR-691: added Windows Start button context menu shortcut removal for 8.1 and Server 2012.

NOR-692: added ##UserLocalAppData## dynamic token.

NOR-696: added support for uint values in DWORD type registry actions.

NOR-697: made a variety of improvements to the way process and memory monitoring works in order to use less resources while sampling on highly-loaded environments.

NOR-700: added ADMX version of agent configuration template.

NOR-701: added ability to specify VuemUser SQL user password during database creation and broker configuration.

NOR-702: added new filter condition testing file/folder existence.

NOR-705: added support for mapping printers via XML Printer List file.


Bug Fixes

NOR-579: fixed race condition issue that could sometimes cause a timeout during application existence checks.

NOR-592: fixed issue where Provisioning Services vDisk state was not detected correctly in PVS 7.6.

NOR-593: fixed issue where a small subset of external tasks could sometimes be executed twice.

NOR-609: fixed trailing slash omission issue in folder copy action.

NOR-613: fixed issue where Cisco VPN client could generate multiple reporting log entries.

NOR-704: modified the behaviour of the agent statistics registration thread so that it no longer fails to register agents that are set to use their cache even if online.

NOR-713: fixed rare console crash that could happen when clearing out expired agent records.

NOR-718: fixed UI issue where Kiosk mode refresh button could become greyed out until logoff if user attempted to manually refresh while a refresh was already ongoing.

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