VUEM v3.00.00.00 release notes

New Features

Added VMWare View Persona settings controls under Policies & Profiles. These function the same way that existince Policies & Profiles setting function (the Agent Host service passes them on to the registry for the VMWare configuration service to read).

Added Reporting functionality: agents will now log boot and login times for all devices/users and send these back to the broker to be stored in-database, allowing the console to generate reports both as per-user/-device reports and as trend reports over time. These reports will ignore boot/login times under five seconds.


Bug Fixes

NOR-559: Fixed rare instances of Norskale Agent Host service interfering with Netlogon service startup (this fix requires that the Norskale Agent Host service depend on the winmgmt service)



NOR-387: Added new environmental setting on Windows 8.1/Server 2012 for Agent Host Service to configure Boot to Desktop option

NOR-441: Added new option to disable agent Exit command for administrators

NOR-504: Added new option to allow drive letters to be used more than once for a specific group/user when using conditional assignments

NOR-511: Added new filter condition: Published Resource Name

NOR-512: Added new configurable value controlling network resource/target existence check timeout

NOR-526: Added new option forcing agent to enumerate all groups in all known domains

NOR-527: Added asynchronous existence check for file/folder existence

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