VUEM v2.60.00.10 release notes

Bug fixes

Task 250: In rare cases, agent cache updates may conflict and fail to commit correctly
Task 255: In rare cases, application unassignment may be processed after application assignment
Task 321: Actions revert is processed only if environment variabls revert is enabled
Task 326: Forbidden drives list not updating correctly
Task 328: UI agent could lock up if user clicked "connection lost" pop-up
Task 359: UPM path to log file not loaded correctly
Task 367: Registry action is failing when attempting to create registry key with more than 2 subkeys



Task 251: Agent caching updated to use Sync Framework 2.1
Task 297: Folder redirection updated to new APIs
Task 309: Improved responsiveness of application self-service (UI/kiosk)
Task 325: Changed license token retention to 90 days (from 180)
Task 349: CPU clamping code optimisation


New features

Task 365: Added dynamic tokens for new redirected special folders

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