VUEM v2.5.0 release notes

Bug fixes

[NOR-593] - Russian Translation on Agent require fixes
[NOR-785] - When VUEM Agent is executed in Citrix/RDS published application some errors are present in log file
[NOR-787] - Hide UI Agent Icon not working correctly with Citrix published Application
[NOR-788] - Environmental Setting Change notification is corrupting display when a new user executes agent for the first time
[NOR-789] - When UI Agent is failing the Splashscreen could be still displayed
[NOR-790] - When Check Shortcut existence option is enabled applications that do not have valid shortcuts are present in Application Self Services
[NOR-791] - Admin console is hanging and alt+tab is not bringing main window to front during long connection to broker
[NOR-793] - Kiosk window is flickering after refresh
[NOR-794] - If one folder redirection is failing at first execution none of them are stored in execution history and thus reprocessed at next execution
[NOR-795] - When folder redirection is failing User folders are left redirected to a non working location
[NOR-804] - Client IP Address, Client Remote OS and ClientName are not working properly in XenDesktop 5.6
[NOR-807] - Object reference not set to an instance of the object error in broker event log when broker service account is incorrect
[NOR-808] - In some cases Registry Entries list is not loaded properly at first console connection
[NOR-813] - Agent Single instance error message is displayed when a user reconnects to an existing session and Agent worker is still running
[NOR-820] - Error appears when agent is running
[NOR-821] - When using VUEM Agent within XenApp for Windows 2003 published Application a Citrix Seamless Host Popup is displayed
[NOR-823] - Random Error while connecting to Broker when Windows Account Impersonation is enabled
[NOR-825] - VUEMUIAgent.exe crashes after some Microsoft Updates are installed on Citrix XenApp 6.5 / Windows 2008 R2 Server
[NOR-831] - Profile Cleanser could display an empty list when scanning a folder with some unauthorized folders
[NOR-835] - When a Shortcut URL type Application shortcut is created with a web url not starting with http:// Agent displays an error message
[NOR-863] - Rename Namespaces and Files to match Norskale Company Name
[NOR-866] - No warning about data field and log field are shown to user if fields remains blank
[NOR-876] - Manage printers is displaying an empty printer list when there is no default printer set



Refactored agent and broker connections to improve performance and eliminate install pre-compilation
[NOR-792] - Support cancellation during Admin Console broker connection
[NOR-796] - Enhance Split Dynamic Token to use Regex Split and support multiple Chars splitter
[NOR-797] - Enhance Integrity conditions list manager displaying a wait form when loading large xml files
[NOR-798] - Add ServicesPipeTimeout configuration in Agent Installer and make it configurable through an .msi command line argument
[NOR-799] - Add filtering to the assignment list so that it is possible to see only specific actions
[NOR-800] - Add Space key support when it applies to allow editing of specific item or detailed view of specific logs
[NOR-802] - Add keyboard shortcut support (enter to apply filter/echap to clear) in Administration Console Filter boxes
[NOR-803] - Add Enter / Escape support in Edit Forms
[NOR-805] - Add a new [RegistryValue:regvaluepath] dynamic token to allow dynamic expressions reading a value from registry
[NOR-806] - Add F5 key support in listviews binding to refresh list content
[NOR-810] - Implement Error Controller to manage errors in settings configuration instead of changing labels colors
[NOR-814] - Improve Applications Management Self Service so that when a user does not select an icon location option, existing icon is deleted
[NOR-815] - Add the ability to import/export Configuration Settings
[NOR-819] - Improve Group membership check to failover on cache if Active Directory fails to answer within a specified delay
[NOR-822] - Actions shown in Actions Modeling Wizard should be sorted to ease User Experience
[NOR-826] - Add a new Advanced Option allowing to control if an application is visible or not in Self Service
[NOR-827] - Improve Manage Applications Self Service to disable shortcut creations when Self Healing is Enabled
[NOR-832] - Change agent installer properties handling so that non specified values will not be created
[NOR-833] - Implement initial configuration of UIAgent Splashscreen & Systray Icon settings in Agent Service so that they are configured at logon
[NOR-834] - Improve Agent Service Cache Synchronization creating cache when service is starting if cache is not initialized
[NOR-860] - Add a new File Version check filter condition to allow execution of actions according to matching file version
[NOR-861] - Add file/folder deletion action type to Folder Operation actions
[NOR-862] - Add registry value deletion action type to Registry entries actions


New features

[NOR-281] - Create a log parser utility to have a graphical parsing of log files
[NOR-786] - Add Italian language support in VUEM Agent
[NOR-824] - Add a new UI Agent Configuration Setting allowing to Hide Splashscreen when User is reconnecting to a desktop
[NOR-877] - Implement Citrix Upm 5.0 Settings Management in VUEM


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