VUEM v2.2.0 release notes

•[NOR-395] - Impossible to create a site with the special symbol in a name
•[NOR-502] - The selection button should be enabled by default in Filter Rules
•[NOR-518] - Incorrect title of exit dialog window
•[NOR-605] - It is possible to remove default administrator and then it will be not possible to use system anymore
•[NOR-618] - Action Import wizard search filter can have issue with special chars
•[NOR-664] - When user is refreshing sites list and tries to navigate in a new added site an exception is raised and on some forms a close message is displayed
•[NOR-691] - Default Administrators Group is not required in DataBase Creation Wizard when Broker Service account specified
•[NOR-704] - Some labels looks active on disabled page
•[NOR-715] - Connection Successfull message can hide another message
•[NOR-722] - No message shown when letter is entered in Item Priority field
•[NOR-725] - In some specific cases network drives are not mapped correctly as server connection check returns false
•[NOR-728] - Incorrectly closed notification services lead to Sql Server error
•[NOR-736] - Move RevisionId increment to SQL query to avoid concurrent changes issue
•[NOR-742] - When trying to delete multiple processes in the CPU Clamping list only last one is deleted
•[NOR-744] - If Execute Only Cmd Agent In Published Applications is enabled Cmd Agent is launched instead of UI Agent in desktops instead of only in published applications
•[NOR-749] - Import from print server doesn't work with alternate credentials
•[NOR-757] - When a filter rule used in an assigned action is deleted, assigned action is deleted without any notification
•[NOR-758] - In some cases console connection check does not realize that broker is offline (sql server shutdown)
•[NOR-761] - When you change already configured filter condition type result combobox is blank instead of displaying correct default value
•[NOR-762] - Filter condition can be saved with empty matching result
•[NOR-763] - Clamping process name can contains invalid characters
•[NOR-764] - When you edit a clamped process name and change with some invalid options (like invalid name) the processes list is updated with the invalid datas even if you click on cancel
•[NOR-765] - System utilities excluded processes can contains invalid names
•[NOR-766] - Transformer Settings Tool name can contains invalid characters
•[NOR-767] - Actions modeling wizard raises an error when there is no existing configured users
•[NOR-768] - Printers List can fail when some printing applications are installed on the agent device.
•[NOR-769] - Samba network drives can lead to shadow drives thus preventing new connection to work
•[NOR-770] - Resultant Actions Viewer skin is defaulting to DevExpress instead of Seven if agent has not been executed

•[NOR-555] - Admin Console UI Updates
•[NOR-612] - Add support for combining Administrator permissions from different Groups
•[NOR-667] - Allow users to add comment to screen capture
•[NOR-53] - Administrators concurrency management (changes notification / automated refresh)
•[NOR-54] - Enable More roles in delegated Administration
•[NOR-74] - Administrator changes logging
•[NOR-237] - After double click to the site name from the sites list (or tool name from tools list) the window for edit should be opened.
•[NOR-243] - Implement limitations to the fields for site name and tool name to 256 symbols for names and tool path
•[NOR-244] - All data that user creating in the adding tool process should be displayed in the tool list. The same for Sites
•[NOR-310] - The feature for the password encryption should be implemented on the "Helpdesk Options" tab in the "Advanced Settings" paragraph.
•[NOR-657] - When user select another site from the sites list page should be refreshed instead of displaying logo
•[NOR-658] - Move local console settings to a standalone form so that administrator permissions will not prevent to access them
•[NOR-668] - Create two new filter conditions to allow to check wether user is member from a specified group (additionnaly to existing assignment) or if user is not member of another specified group
•[NOR-670] - Create a new Administration tab in admin console to gather Administrators, User Statistics and Administration Logging. This tab should be visible only for Global Full Admins & Global ReadOnly Admins
•[NOR-671] - Enhance agent logging feature adding agent version in the logged record
•[NOR-672] - [VUEM] Feature request: add version to logs
•[NOR-673] - Create a background worker in Administrator Console to check broker connection state and send error message (and display reconnect form after) in case of connection fault
•[NOR-694] - Replace richtextboxes in admin console/advanced settings/ui agent personalization and resultant actions viewer / logs by memodit
•[NOR-729] - Move site Creation / Deletion logic on Broker side
•[NOR-731] - Enhance console Broker connection monitoring
•[NOR-751] - Optimize listview refresh when lots of actions are in use : Part 1 : UI processing enhancement

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