VUEM: "Server sent back a fault indicating it is too busy to process the request" error


The VUEM agent fails to connect to the Norskale broker service, and the VUEM agent service log contains the following error:

ConfigurationDataSourcesHelper.CheckAgentBrokerServiceClient() : System.ServiceModel.ServerTooBusyException : Server 'net.tcp://[brokername]:[port]/AgentBrokerSvc/service' sent back a fault indicating it is too busy to process the request. Please retry later. Please see the inner exception for fault details.


Cause and Resolution

This error occurs when the broker's hardware specifications are insufficient to allow it to open enough concurrent threads to serve every request made by incoming agent service connections.


To resolve this issue, stop the Norskale broker service, then open the "Norskale Broker Service.exe.config" configuration file in the broker installation directory and locate the following two lines:


<behavior name="">


Add the following line immediately below the <behavior name=""> tag:

<serviceThrottling maxConcurrentCalls="2000" maxConcurrentSessions="2000" maxConcurrentInstances="2000"/>


Save these changes, then restart the Norskale broker service.

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