VUEM: "You are not registered as a VUEM administrator"


When you run the VUEM administration console and attempt to connect to your broker service, you receive the following error: “you are not in the administrator group”


Cause and Resolution

This error can be caused by several different scenarios:


1. The Windows user you are attempting to run the admin console as is not in the VUEM administrators group

When you create a VUEM database, the database management tool requires you to enter a single AD usergroup to be given access to the administration console. By default, only users in this group are allowed to connect; if the administration console is running from any user account not in this group, it will not be allowed to connect to the broker service.


To resolve this issue, run the administration console from a valid Windows user account that is a member of the specified usergroup, then go to the Advanced Settings > Administrators tab and specify additional domain users authorised to use the administration console.


2. The broker service is not configured correctly and cannot connect to your SQL database

This can occur if the details of your VUEM database were not entered correctly in the broker service configuration utility.


Open the Broker Service Configuration Utility installed alongside the VUEM broker service and double-check that the details are correct:

Database Server: should be the exact name of your SQL instance, not just the name of the server it is on (i.e. SQLServer\SQL2008R2 for an instance named “SQL2008R2” on a server named SQLServer).

Database Name: should be the exact name of the SQL database created by VUEM. If in doubt, ask your DBA to verify that the name you have entered is correct.


3. Your SQL instance is not configured to accept mixed-mode authentication and you did not configure the broker service to use Windows impersonation

By default, the VUEM broker service and administration console will connect to your SQL database using SQL authentication rather than Windows authentication. Additionally, the default login settings for newly-created SQL instances do not allow users to authenticate with SQL accounts. This means that in some cases, the broker service will attempt to authenticate to an instance using a SQL account and will not be allowed to log in.


You can resolve this issue by asking your DBA to change the authentication mode for the VUEM database SQL instance to SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode in the Security page of the SQL instance settings.


Alternatively, you can reconfigure the broker service to use Windows account impersonation by running the Broker Service Configuration Utility and going to the Advanced Settings tab.

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